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Why settle for ordinary when you can indulge in the extraordinary? A new boutique inn with strikingly modern architecture and a commanding lakeside position in beautiful Prince Edward County. Let us transport you to a private world of peaceful relaxation.

Your downtime is precious, spend it wisely.

We’ve worked hard to make our rooms peaceful havens with breathtaking views, but a stay at Mirazule is more than a nice room, it’s an experience. Lounge with a cool glass of local bubbly by the infinity pool or chat with other guests in the living room with its panoramic views, take a walk in our forest or borrow a book from the library to read on your private lakeside deck. Spoil yourself…if you won’t, we will!

Construction Update

A new boutique inn with strikingly modern architecture.

Two years of design with a young practice of Canadian architects and a year into construction, Mirazule is emerging from our stunning hillside vantage point and starting to turn heads. The ‘County’s Fogo Island’…  Flattering, but our style is intimate and our goal is your comfort in gorgeous, modern surroundings.

Let us transport you to a private world of peaceful relaxation.

We’ve been looking after guests and anticipating their needs for 15 years.

First at the award winning Le Macassar which we created in France and now here in The County. One of the great rewards of what we do is seeing the transformation in our guests from ‘urban agitation’ on arrival to ‘County chilled’ on departure.

The County = Beaches and wineries, right?

Well, yes, we are blessed with some of the finest freshwater sand beaches in the world and dozens of exciting young wineries pushing the limits of their craft…. But there is so much more. Want to avoid the crowds on your own private spot of beach? How about getting up close with a migratory bird at a banding station? Looking for the best restaurants – it’s a passion of ours. Want to chat to an artist about their process or a brewer about his secrets? They’re our friends. We’re here to make your visit to our wonderful part of the world one you won’t forget.  

Oh that view!

It’s everywhere, including from all of our guest suites. You’ll see it in the evenings from your comfy sofa as the local osprey and eagles patrol the shoreline and then as the moon bathes the bay in silver. You’ll see it in the morning as the sun rises right outside your wall of windows. When you can tear your eyes away from Mother Nature, we’ve filled the inside with plenty of visual treats too!

Wrapped in the softest of Egyptian cotton bedlinens and a selection of luxurious pillows. Add a dark sky with a million stars, nothing but the sound of the water lapping on the shore (save for the occasional mournful call of a loon) and you’ll sleep like a contented baby.

Sometimes the only time you get to linger over your morning ritual is when you’re away, so go on… indulge yourself! In the evening dim the lights, put on some tunes and soak in the tub gazing up at the stars through the skylight. In the morning, shake off your slumber with an invigorating shower.

We’re spoilt in the County with a remarkable array of fruit growers, artisanal cheesemakers, honey producers, wineries – well, maybe not for breakfast but you get the idea! Served at a time to suit you, we’ll start your day off enjoyably and memorably. As they say, start as you mean to go on!

give way to relaxation

It’s rewarding for us to see the stresses of busy lives give way to relaxation and the shared laughter of new friendships – it’s our job and we love it!

Meet your hosts

We’re excited to share our beautiful piece of the world with you.

Ian & Miguel
One born in Wales but grew up in Kingston ON, the other born in London (of Portuguese parents) and stayed there (pretty much). Their paths crossed in a charming London bar (!) in 1992 and a shared love of old cars, art deco, eating and drinking and spending money has kept them inextricably bound ever since. But enough about us, a stay at Mirazule is all about you!

Follow along to get the latest on construction updates, grand opening events, and how to prebook your stay.

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