Designing the perfect home to share with guests

Our previous historic property was adapted to host paying guests and did so admirably for nearly 15 years, but when the opportunity to design and build a bespoke property from scratch presented itself we grabbed it with both hands. 

Last time it was historic Art Deco style in a rural French town. This time, it’s cutting edge modern design in a breathtaking waterfront location overlooking Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County.

The brief was long and challenging; decadent and luxurious but at the same time casual and comfortable. Guest suites which are beautiful, spacious and inviting, even though we don’t want our guests to hide away in their rooms when the rest of the house is there for them to enjoy (unless, of course, they want to!).  Large social spaces to interact in with friends or other guests, but also smaller intimate spaces if you crave some alone time.  Inside from every room, or outside on the terrace by the infinity pool, you can’t escape that view!

Two years of development with BlackLab Architects in Toronto resulted in the design we are building today – a boutique inn come private residence for the discerning traveller looking for a place to stay that is at once exclusive and out of the ordinary but comfortable and relaxing.