Breaking Ground
Summer 2020

It’s just over a year since we started breaking ground for the footings and foundations of Mirazule.

The design concept sees the property nestled into the top of a small hillside with commanding views of Lake Ontario but ask anyone that’s built a property before and they’ll tell you that there’s a lot involved in digging a hole…particularly on a slope!

Mirazule breaking ground
Mirazule breaking ground

The builders of Prince Edward County know to expect one of two things; either a lot of sand (and not just on the beaches) or a lot of rock, limestone to be precise. In our case we hit rock. Solid, unyielding, stubborn layers of rock! Over weeks our excavations grew bigger and wider and deeper. When the hole was finally big enough and the footings had been formed, our long-suffering builder advised us that there were 40 level changes in our foundations!

We like to think that we are creating a structure that will stand the test of time and be here long after we’re not. Like the proverbial big, bad wolf, the East winds from Lake Ontario can huff and puff, but they’re not going to blow this house down!

Mirazule breaking ground
Our previous historic property was adapted to host paying guests and did so admirably for nearly 15 years, but when the opportunity to design and